Sunday, April 5, 2009

The voice of reason ...(a.k.a - Centine)

Centine and I decided to check out Surry Hills yesterday. For me it was one of those days where I kept finding my self attracted to things that were so wrong that they're almost right...but not quite. Like this:
(I was feeling rather tactile when I spotted this beauty...might be because I'm designing a texture based outfit at the moment).
This one had a tag on it saying "vintage 90's rave top". That alone had me sold. But thank goodness I had Centine with me to say, "what the @#$% can not be serious!". Usually I would be stubborn and buy such silly things regardless of whether i'll actually wear them, but in my current financial full-time student state, I actually have to start buying "investment" pieces. So instead I opted for this awesome Mad Cortes jacket.
I wish I had a better shot of the detail and cut. The front parts of the jacket loop back up and join behind the neck...kind of like a never ending jacket. That was a really poor description, my apologies.
Unfortunately the Australian label Mad Cortes recently had to call it quits (at least for now) due to a discontinuation of financial backing by Lisa Ho who had a 51% share in the label. Such a shame as designer Mira Vukovic is really talented. Fingers crossed she may find financial backing elsewhere. 
...We love you!
-Kaylene xo


  1. Ha ha ha! That jumper truly is terrible!

  2. jumper is all kinds of horrible :D
    the 90's top is really cool!!!y didn't u get it?