Friday, April 3, 2009

A Stylish Afternoon at the Unibar!

Now that I'm unemployed, I have so much more time for the important things in life. Like friends. And like seeing friends at the bar. For a beer. Lots and lots of time for important things like that.

Let me introduce you to some of my peeps. This is Jo!
Jo is the Queen of DIY. For all those DIY-ers who would even attempt to protest this, you need not bother. For Jo is Queen by holy decree. Those dreads? She did 'em. That neck warmer? She made it. That third button?
Yes, look closely viewers. That button on the right? SHE MADE IT! Let's see any DIY-ers do THAT. Ha. 
Accompanying the lovely Jo, was her lovely husband Jason! Why Jason, that's a lovely scarf you're wearing! Is it perhaps by Alphaville? A Melbourne designer, you say? Who stocks in Paddington? Well, fancy that.
And this is Carla! She is studying law. I love that her incredibly serious shirt dress is teamed with some seriously adorable over-the-knee socks. A wonderful outfit, your honour. No "objections". Would council please stand on the bench?

Carla: Hurry up and take the F&$%ing photo. It's raining you jerk.
Centine: Shut up and look stylish! 
Carla: Do I have to stand on the bench?
Centine: ... yes.

Yeah, I was there too. See? Photo evidence...

(Alphaville Scarf, op-shop dress, goofy smile).

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