Sunday, April 26, 2009

Overall Wonderful!

Anzac day is generally a memorable sort of occasion for me. Usually punctuated by some hardcore dawn services, street marches and memorial services, 25th of April is a tough day for Brass Bands players around the nation. Not this year though! Instead of blowing raspberries through a metal pipe, I've been partying like a trooper. Get it? Trooper? 

So of course, the only thing I wanted to wear while trudging through today's hangover from hell  were these overalls from Zema's line "Kiss Kiss Meow Meow", available at Medieval Disco in Wollongong. Incorporating a harem cut in the pants, and a sleek 'wrap around' shape onthe bust, these overalls are fresh, comfortable and great fun to wear. 
 These photos are actually from about a week ago when Kaylene came down for a visit. Styled with a mint green cameo of the same line, Steven Madden heels and vintage shades.
In my quest for fashion comfort, I stumbled across this very cute outfit on 

I love how sleek and modern these denim overalls seem. And capri-length pants are such wonderful fun. Just through a subtle change in shape, this unknown designer has freshened-up the staid traditional overall. 

In conclusion, overalls > jumpsuits.
Love love,

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