Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dress Ups at the Disco!!

I'd like to introduce you to a very special gentleman.

This is the most wonderful Zema, my friend, my stylist, my sole reason for debt. Most of my wardrobe has been personally selected and approved by Zema. His vintage boutique in Wollongong, Medieval Disco, is a favourite haunt of Kaylene and myself.
He is a little camera shy, though.

Last Thursday, Zema showed me his latest creation for his label "Kiss Kiss Meow Meow". How fun is this dress? So fun, that a spontaneous fashion shoot burst out in Medieval Disco.

Styled with another amazing "Logan's Run" necklace, Doc Martin ballet flats, and voodoo tights

"Work that corner! Work it harder!!"

Another Disco regular, Bonnie, arrived mid-shoot. 

The conversation went a little bit like this:
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"I think I am!"
"It's two model fashion shoot time!!"

Some preparation shots. Bonnie wears Kiss Kiss Meow Meow dress, Logan's Run headpiece, vintage tights, vintage bondage shoes. All available at Medieval Disco.
This versatile little number works long and short.

I love this photo. Bonnie can pull some kick-ass shapes. 

Mid-shoot adjustment 


For a while now, I've been speaking with Zema about how to change my look. For the last three years or so, I've accidentally created a rather signature look of 'hour glass dress with belt and ballet flats'. 

So Zema styled this rather sleek Urban look for me:
Maroon skivvy, leather jacket olive-green jodhpurs and Coach ankle boots. Available at Medieval Disco.

These boots are GORGEOUS. Softest leather ever, and so comfortable.
Amazing leather clutch. Not going to lie; I'm a little bit in love. 
(Please ignore the offensively orange nail polish...)

So what do you think? Should I adopt the lean-bean urban look as my new silhouette and staple? Comments greatly appreciated!

Oh, and before I sign off, check out these shoes! 

40s lace-up platforms. Versatile!

Sigh. Every time I go visit this store, I die inside...

Love love love love love


  1. what a wallop of fun youse gals are having
    sooo am i
    go urban
    go urban
    luv z

  2. ps i just cracked up
    bonnie can sure pull them shapes
    luv z