Monday, April 20, 2009

Never gonna give you up...

Let me introduce to one of my favourite vintage party dresses:
 It has been with me through some hallmark events, such as my 21st birthday:
June 2008

Alas, too much partying (and possibly too much cake) resulted in the deterioration and splitting of the silk underneath the armholes. And we all know a tattered party dress just will not do! So today I transformed my old party dress into my new party skirt.

What do you think? 

Love Kaylene


  1. Ha! The first time I looked at the picture from your birthday, I thought you were putting your entire fist in your mouth. Now I see that is entirely not the case...

    Love the skirt transformation, though. Nice work!

    Also, my hair looks terrible in that photo. Note to self: stop getting fringes!