Monday, April 6, 2009

I Have a Crush!

Like the giant girl I am, I have a crush. A full-on school-girl-esque crush of epic proportions! Oh, these are always such fun...
Until it all turns to shit, that is. 

You know what else is initially good, but quickly turns ugly? The latest Dsquared collection. The Olsen, Lohan, Richie inspiration is fun and contemporary (not to mention blindingly literal). I think it a non-wanky and honest reflection of societies current interests. A homage to the celebrity. And I love that the models were smoking and drinking starbucks on the runway. 

But it's basically as boring as Tolstoy printed on brown paper. In an effort to depict reality as it really is (which I personally feel defeats the purpose of both fashion shows and literature) Tolstoy and the Caten twins effectively eliminate any sense of whimsy or fantasy from their product.  And let's be honest: no one reads War and Peace for fun.

Seriously, though, is ANYONE inspired by these photos? Anyone? This is no different from the girls walking around my campus. And I get that we're all struggling through a financial crises (and bla bla bla) but my diminishing bank account means I'm a lot LESS likely to fork out $408 for these jeans:

I'm with the 'optimistic' designers on this one. I think only amazing, well-crafted, well-designed, distinctive, extraordinary collections are going to survive. 

Love from a crushing Centine.
(Crushing as in a "oo, cute guy" and "damn, where did my cash go" kind of way, simultaneously)


  1. HAH! true true true about dsquared.we could piece and outfit like that together purely from valleygirl or something. and it'd cost a lot less. apparently everyone is supposed to be buying 'safe' pieces. but safe is so boring these days... i agree on saving for something extraordinary. and what the hell? 400 dollar jeans is just...bull. even if htey are the softest, best fabric in the world.

  2. i wish i could have been there to see these outfits!

    the crumpet girls