Saturday, April 18, 2009

Something old, something new.

The military jacket craze has come in and out of style for the last few decades. The style was worn famously by Adam Ant in the 80s:
And more recently on every fashionista who can afford a Balmain SS09 jacket:While I, (along with the rest of the fashion loving world) adore these Balmain jackets, I have to say, if presented with the choice between owning a Christopher Decarnin interpretation, or an original 19th century uniform, historical accuracy would win out. 
Check out these amazing uniforms. I particularly love Prussian Hussar outfits.
Hussar Officer uniform, date unknown.

Prussian Lieb Hussar Officer, 1813 - Front
British 6th Regiment of Foot Bandsmen, 1806 - Front

This one makes my head spin. Those crazy foot bandsmen!

7th Royal Fusiliers Officers Uniform, 1795

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Love Kaylene


  1. The Balmain jacket is officially the most wanted!!!

  2. D'awwww... those Hussar uniforms are extremely beautiful. Now I imagined Jason Isaacs playing some cold, evil (but sexy) Prussian officer in that luxurious coat...