Friday, February 27, 2009

Can we be that cool?


Are you willing to walk by my side everywhere I go in matching knee-highs, pill box hats and dark shades so that I too can look as cool as the Armani girls?

Please say you will.

Yours truly, 


Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll Emporio your Armani!

You know what I love? When catwalk models walk in groups or pairs. It just makes them look so cool, like a posse or entourage. Combine that with knee-high (or shin-high) socks, blazer-cut jackets and a-line skirts, and the Emporio Armani collection resembles the beautiful girls from a high-school drama. Or am I the only one feeling a "Mean Girls" vibe?

Either way, Centine = in love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goot schmoot.

Pictures from

I was so excited to see Josh Goot's new collection today...that was until I actually saw it. To me, the best feature in Goot's previous collections was his amazing dreamy prints. I guess I would have expected that to become his signature and for his prints to be recognisably his own, in the same way that a Pucci print is undeniably Pucci.
Goot retained his minimalist aesthetic in terms of the lines of garments, but there was just not enough substance to warrant any excitement. His theme was "geology", and if you're going to have something as boring as rocks as your theme, you really need to find a way to inject some life into it. 

It basically was a whole lot of this...yawn.
The only redeeming features of the entire collection were this top: 
..and this print featured towards the end of the collection, finally giving some respite from the endless amounts of black and neutrals:

Unfortunately for Goot, Graeme Black also had a geology themed collection, proving that such a subject can be a little more than a mind-numbing trip back to year 9 science class.
Graeme Black Fall 09

Love Kaylene

RIP Banana

This is my budgie, Banana. 

Sad Face.

R.I.P. - my beloved cape

I just realised the grey cape thing (which you can see featured in one of my previous posts) has vanished. I wore it to TAFE this morning, and it didn't come home with me.  This makes me very sad, as i loved wearing it with almost anything. On the bright side, it was basically a large circle with two small holes for arms which will be easy to replicate. But still, not the point!

What annoys me most is if I was still at the Conservatorium of music this wouldn't be a problem. The students would pick it up and be questioning the purpose of this large piece of grey material. But at Ultimo...aahhh...that's a different kettle of fish. Those young designers can spot a versatile garment a mile off with their eagle fashion eyes. 

Oh drapey cape, I hope you find your way back to me. Sigh...

-Kaylene :(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"I'm a man-eating machine"

Last month I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Grace Jones perform when she was in Australia for the Sydney Festival. She absolutely blew my mind, both aurally and visually, but given the nature of this blog, i'll focus on the latter. 

There was a lot of hype surrounding the Philip Treacy headwear, but i must say, some of the capes and jackets she wore were equally amazing, and i've been trying to find out who they were designed by. If anyone knows, please drop me a line. 
Photography by Andrea Klarin

Grace has played muse to many famous designers and artists since the late 70's, but her recent comeback with the album "Hurricane" has once again secured her place in the fashion world. In the last six months, her image has been directly influencing many collections and editorials:
Jean Paul Gaultier Sring 2009 Couture
(Images from

Photos be Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia August 08

Grace Jones...I love you.
From Kaylene. xo

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twilight Sucks Ass

I am aware this next comment will piss off almost every female currently alive (maybe even Kaylene) but I honestly thought "Twilight" was the worst movie I have ever seen in my LIFE. No, that's not true; "Runaway Bride" was worse, but "Twilight" was up there...

The weird thing is that since seeing that visual onslaught I cannot stop thinking about these tough-ass lumberjack boots Bella wears in one scene. And I want them. For my own. To have and to hold. For eternity.

Look how comfy they look! Sheep-skin lined! And how cute are they over jeans?
Screen Grabs from

Sorry about the dodgy quality here. I think these were actually taken by a extremely dedicated fan sneaking onto set with a phone-camera. If only they had zoomed in on the boots...

I quite like these guys. Nice and tough, comfortable, perfect for a lil' stomp in the snow.

And I think Proenze Schouler is feeling it to. Check out these boots from Fall '09.

Don't they just give you warm fuzzies? I'm feeling hot chocolates, woollen hats, rosy cheeks. Oooo, I can't wait for winter!!!

Anyway, I am now off to chop down nature. 
That is all.

Love love,

Work shoes? Play shoes more like it!

I got these lovely purple suede shoes from work today. One of the perks of being expected to wear their current stock. They're such a conservative classic shape...but then the purple suede gives them that touch of silliness which i need in order to justify wearing them. 

On an unrelated note, I'd like these please:

These are by Derek Lawlor - one of the Central Saint Martins graduates who showed today as part of London Fashion Week. Very talented indeed!

Love Kaylene.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Politician design proposition: The B-Hawke

In response to your challenge Centine, may i present to you my first sketch of the B-Hawke dress:
Inspired by the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia himself.
Bob Hawke

In order to capture the lustrous waves and texture, i'd take a note from Hussein Chalayan's book and create strongly sculptured lines, enhanced by hi-tech 3-D printed fabric (in a streaky silver-fox grey of course).
Hussein Chalayan Spring 09. 
Image from

The B-Hawke!!! It's an Australian fashion sensation.

Love Kaylene.

Sick Day

If I had my way, I'd be wearing this Libertine outfit. As well as being extraordinarily hip, it has a built-in cold remover, guaranteed to stop coughing and sneezing. Very valuable to me right now.

sourced from

How cute is this outfit! I love love love the short little jacket with the fingerless gloves. I've tried to wear something similar, but always end up looking like a hobo. If anyone knows the secret of how to pull off this look, please email me immediately.

However, the screen printing in this collection put me off a little, especially the prevalence of Elizabeth II images. After the Dolce and Gabbana  and the Alexander McQueen shows of last season, it feels a little dated. We have well and truly been there and done that.

Alexander Mcqueen and Dolce and Gabbana sourced from

The real shame of it is that Libertine appear to be simply following their own aesthetic. There is a wonderful continuity within their collections. When viewed outside the context of other fashion 'movers and shakers', Libertine is happily ambling along on their own little inspiration path, picking daisies and sipping tea from a pastel thermos.
sourced from

Case in point: modelled here by photographer Sigrid Rothe, the 2006 Libertine collection features images and inspiration from good old Queen Vic. So while the screen prints of the 2009 Fall collection still seem hackneyed to me, I do not think they have jumped upon some sort of "fashion-house bandwagon" in honouring the monarchs of past and present.

I, too, find the Royal family extremely charming (especially when Bess's adorable umbrella matches her skirt suit! Aww!) but where has this love affair with England's monarchy come from? Maybe it's an Australian thing - with our so-called disrespect for authority cliché thing bla bla bla - but none of our political, or even cultural, leaders are honoured in our fashion. What do you say, Kaylene, shall we have a challenge to pay homage through clothing to an Australian politician of your choice?

sourced from

Though that might have to wait a week or so. Unfortunately, even after this whole rant, I currently look more like this:

Love love,

Re: Who Doesn't Love a Onesie?

It's no secret, we can be candid here: I was one of the people who sniggered at Kaylene's conviction that the jumpsuit was ever going to come into fashion. Unless it is one for sleeping, like this:

sourced from

Or, of course, for a baby. Always allowed on babies. In fact, compulsory on babies. This one being particularly worthy.
sourced from

I still don't really see the point. If a jumpsuit was simply two pieces that matched you could wear them together, or style them separately. 

However, in a moment of weakness, I must admit that I did buy and wear a jumpsuit. And I guess I still think it is a pretty cool piece. Though, every time I wear it, I still think "what's the point?" 
Answer me that, Kaylene, answer me that!

My own fashion prediction, or rather next fashion prediction, is one I have been campaigning for a while. It's only a matter of time. Soon everyone will be wanting librarian glasses on a string. I'm thinking:
sourced from

I'm thinking:

sourced from

I'm thinking it has to happen! 

I'm also thinking you should never google image search "librarian glasses", as there is a lot more naked pictures associated with that search than you might originally think...

(And yes, I am blogging after going to the pub. Why, you ask? Because drink driving is a crime. And I can't afford a taxi. Oh, the woes of being a uni student.)

Love love!

You can call me Svetlana!

Seeing as we're touching the subject of yesterdays op-shop finds, here's one of mine:

All op-shopped except for Filippo Raphael Shoes
*The rose is a dead remnant from V-day....I was actually on my way to throw it out
but the colour was just too perfect with my top to pass up the prop opportunity..

I used to have a Russian Porcelain doll when i was but a young-en, and she had a dress that reminds me of this top. Porcelain dolls freak me out a little bit. I think it's the eyelashes. 

Everyone! To the North Gong!

I'm about to head to the pub (I live in Wollongong. It's what you do after dark. We're Obsessive Compulsive in that respect...) And as I had a whopping two hours to get ready, as opposed to my usual allowance of 15 minutes, I decided to go all out with the clothes and the make-up and the beauty routine. Ahh, hours of leisure...

I found this dress when Kaylene and I went op-shopping yesterday. As it was way to big, I've belted it in with this fabulous kimono-style silk belt by Carla Zampatti.

And to "youth" it up a bit, I've messily pinned the sleeves up. 

And this is an antique Dutch coral choker. I love the gold locket detail, and it has the strangest latch in the world. Will have to show details later, when I finally find my way out of it again.

And just a quick edit on your post, Kay. Zima doesn't actually make the leather pieces, though he does commission them. The actual master craftsman is Logan, part-time artist and part-time Steakhouse chef.

But now I must dash! Time for a schooner of VB, if you know what I mean...