Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Losing Faith

So there I was, innocently watching some randomly mind-numbing television (as I am inclined to do on a slow Tuesday evening), when a company called "Lazy Patch" casually strolled into my life. 

Perhaps you've heard of this before. Word has it that Hamish and Andy have already tackled the big issues here. Basically, Lazy Patch designs and makes "Duvet Suits" or "Doona Suits", depending on your word preference. 

Classy, right? 

Luckily, the makers seem to have an awesome sense of humour about their product. One of the listed features of the product is its extra large pockets "for life's essentials, ie tv remote, mobile phone, pizza menus". And on their website (http://www.lazypatch.com/)  some clever cat has listed all the advantages of such a suit:

* Lazy days on the couch. Waking up on those freezing cold mornings or returning home from work on those dark dreary nights - throw away those old tracky dacks and baggy jumper.

* No need to get out from under the quilt while leaving the couch (great for those quick toilet breaks!)

And my personal favourite:

* Pretend you're in the opening snow scene from The Empire Strikes Back

Will I be buying a doona suit? No.  Certainly not. Will I continue to be amused every time the ad comes on the telly? Yes. Oh, for sure yes.



  1. But will I buy you a lazy suit for your birthday? There's a distinct possibility.

  2. Bwa ha ha! Most awkward package opening ever!

    "Wow Kaylene... A doona suit... just.... Wooow"

    How is Fashion week treating you? Were you at the blackout show?


  3. No, I wasn't at the blackout show...was that Zimmermann?

    I was working on Dion Lee, well...hardly working...more just watching. Was great!


  4. Can you buy me one too Kaylene?

    - Lax

  5. Love the post!

    Cheers Jonathan

  6. Oh. My. God. Really?? Is that really you?


  7. how much is the lazy suit?