Monday, April 27, 2009

Designer Buzz!

Dion Lee is a designer who i've been following quite closely for the last year (well as close as someone can follow on the internet...some may call it cyber-stalking). After graduating from Ultimo Tafe in 2007, he was given the opportunity to show in the graduate show for RAFW in 2008. Along the way he's been collecting a swag of design awards, including Australian Fashion Graduate of the Year and the 2007 Crosier Evening wear  Award. 

The buzz surrounding Dion Lee's debut solo show this morning was justified. The event was held in the bottom floor of the Kings Cross underground car park, and whilst too intensely claustrophobic for some, the venue suited the collection perfectly. Lee has continued develop his own recognisable look that is both minimal, yet structurally complex - a reflection of the John Chamberlain crushed car sculptures that he notes as inspiration.



John Chamberlain 

In other unrelated news...a present arrived in the mail for me today. A present...purchased by me...for me. Still, no less exciting!

My apologies for the cliché combination of docs and tartan pants. I was actually having a nap in these comfy at home pants when the fiancé excitedly came in to deliver the box like Father Christmas. I couldn't help but put them on straight away and take some photos. 

-Love Kaylene

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