Sunday, April 5, 2009

Military Jacket

This will be my shortest blog ever. (I am aware that I rant in Blog World, and am attempting to address this issue. (I just have so many THOUGHTS and FEELINGS)) However, I felt it essential to introduce you to my military jacket. 
Found this puppy in an op-shop about a month ago now. Love it to bits. Sometimes we snuggle. You know, nothing weird. Just so I have something to hold.

And I know we're all a bit tired of the whole military jacket thing after Balmain and the whole of the fashion blog-o-sphere going bananas for them...


But hell, whatever! This is my coat, and my (by which I mean our) blog! So admire my freaking jacket!It's so much fun! Look, you can wear it done up! Formal! ATTEN-SHUN!

(It's also perfect for that one-finger salute.)

Okay, so this post was still kind of ranty... Sorry about that... All I can say is that I'm working on it.

Peace out!

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