Friday, April 17, 2009


So, the delightful Kaylene and I went op-shopping last weekend. And as we are both busy little beavers with plates that are overly filled with annoying day-to-day trivialities which prevent us from ever having the time or peace of mind to BLOG, you are now witnessing instead the brilliance and luminescence  of a drunken Centine blog. Quiver in its presence. Quiver. 

I am taking this moment of opportunity (before climbing haphazardly into bed, trying desperately not to fall awkwardly) to show you this BRILLIANT photo from Warrawong St Vinnie's. For those of you familiar with the suburb: do. not. judge. Hands down the BEST op shop EVUUUUUUURRR! Again, despite the following photo...
LADIES VELVET WEAR! Damn, that is BRILLIANT. An entire rack devoted.... phew. that was awesome. And now, to bed!

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