Saturday, March 28, 2009

Unanderra...a land of hidden treasures.

Here are a few more of our finds from our brief op shop escapade last weekend.

How come there's only one photo of you Centine? I'm sure I took more...maybe they were all bum bag photos.
I like this poncho thing...maybe cause it's primarily made of Ramie. It's always nice to wear some natural fibres. Too much polyester can make one feel constricted. The overnight bag is pretty handy too.
I get the feeling I'm going to be wearing this draped cardigan a lot this winter.
Cute polka dot double breasted vest. 
This T-shirt cracks me up! I don't think Centine approved of this one, but I had to have it. It's got little coin/medallion things sewn onto it, featuring the Eiffel Tower, Balboa coins and "patrona bavariae" coins, which apparently means "mother of Bavarians". Well there you go!
Sorry about the boobs close up...

Love Kaylene!

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  1. love the cardigan, as well as the vest! Your vintage look is great!!