Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Kenzo Winter!

I finally got a chance yesterday to have a proper look at the Kenzo A/W 2009 collection, and I have come to the conclusion, "this is how I must dress this winter...even if I have to make shoddy first year design student quality knock-offs". And yes, the quote marks are necessary as i did indeed proclaim such a statement out loud the first time I looked through the collection.

You've got no just how much I want these platform lace-up ankle boots.

And this is definately the way to go when venturing into the sleeveles fur-trimmed vest genre. I think this may be the perfect garment to try and recreate for myself. Just got to find a place to buy rabbit fur. And no Centine, I am most definitely not cutting up my new rabbit fur jacket!

Inspirational panelling!

Love the shape and the print.

Ridiculously large frogging detail gets two thumbs up from me.

I think this is a look I need to adapt for everyday wear....although I really need to get those shoes....

The contrasting textures are perfect!
Antonia Marras, you're a good man.
Love from Kaylene xo

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