Saturday, March 14, 2009

The remaining 2/3rds.

As promised, here are the remaining 2 of the "3 items for $20" sale I found on my way to cocktails.

I was so excited to find an Akira skirt in the second hand store for approx $6 and 67cents. Absolute bargain!

I love the way the tiny knife pleats fan out!

I also found this silk skirt (which happens to be in an almost identical material to a top i own...however i think it would be very unwise to wear them together).

I also felt the need to include this picture to show how ridiculously long the sleeves in my jumper are. This is my lounging jumper. I live in it when in the confines of my apartment. It's kinda like a big mustard cable-knit security blanket. Everyone should have one.

Love Kaylene xo

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