Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ashish Mish Mash.

Centine, I am truly impressed with your Norwegian sweater. I had no idea you owned such a garment. You're full of surprises!

But now to the topic at hand. When I first saw that Ashish collection I couldn't look past the similarities in styling to previous Romance Was Born collections, more specifically the pom-pom adorned headwear. 
Namaste Collection
Garden on Eden Collection
(images from

And when I saw the Ashish Norwegian knits I instantly thought of the Stella McCartney Fall 2007 collection:
(images from

So basically the Ashish Collection for me was just a mash up of these two collections with some neon animal print thrown on for good measure.  Now I'm not saying the results of such a combination were necessarily all that bad, just a bit derived. 
Ashish A/W 2009

See what I mean?

-Love from a slightly cynical Kaylene xo

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