Thursday, March 5, 2009

I like "borrowing" t-shirts.

I've learnt some very useful things about self-photo taking since starting this blog. The first is that you should move the camera to capture yourself, and not move yourself to fit in with the camera. Otherwise such silliness occurs:

Also...I think it'd help if I had just one plain wall in my unit, for a fresh Jane from look. (She's my blog hero). Alas, in my crowded apartment it is near impossible. 
I love this Madonna T-shirt. It's from her 1993 Australia "Girly Show" tour. I borrowed it from my fiance Lax, who has one of the most extensive T-shirt collections of anyone I know. Thanks love :)
Madonna shirt worn with vintage sequined vest, op-shop belt, cocoon skirt from ebay and Ann Demeulemeester boots.  

Love Kaylene xo

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