Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Bye, Hospitality, it's been one hell of a trip!

By now we are all well and truly aware that 2009 is Barbie's 50th birthday. What you might not know is that the very best tribute of all can be found right here! (Click on 'here'... the humble fashiondialogue Barbie tribute, though heartfelt, is hardly worthy of this description).

So obviously, I had to then research Barbie. Or rather, re-research. Again. Because Troll Barbie was a new and exciting discovery for me. Obviously, this lead to a rather drawn out and time consuming examination of all the Barbie dolls on the net. And right between the secretary and flight attendant Barbies was my very own patron Barbie:

Ahh, waitress Barbie. How all us hospo-pigs look up to your pretty pink self! You inspire, you teach, you are our idol. 

Unfortunately my own waitress uniform was not quite so flattering:
Yes. You are seeing this correctly. Irwin-esque safari shirts. Why, you ask? People, welcome to Outback Steakhouse! Where everything is deep-fried and served with genuine Australian... hospitality...

However, Waitress Barbie, your time in the sun has run out. Due to a rather ballsy move (especially considering that fun old economic crises we're in at the moment, and the rising unemployment in Wollongong and all) tomorrow night will be my very last waitressing shift. Hopefully ever. 

That's right, people, I'm beginning the fun journey into the world of a real job! Not sure where, or doing what exactly. As long as there is no table service involved. Unless I'm the one being served, I'm fine with that. So, in a wildly optimistic gesture, allow me to introduce my new Patron Career Barbie!

Though there doesn't seem to be an "editor" Barbie, "book publisher" Barbie, "writer" Barbie or even a "journalist Barbie", so I've decided to align myself with good old ambiguous "career girl" Barbie. Not sure if I'm down with the rather patronising use of "girl" here, but then I guess it is Barbie. No space for feminism or equality here, now is there?

... Wait a minute... This almost seems a bit of track...

... Is this a tangent?...

... ....

Yeah, I'm going to leave it at that.

Love love,

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