Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Derivative of Ashish is fun!

You know I agree that the sources of inspiration in this collection seem rather obvious. The thing is that I still love LOOKING at the pictures. It's all so over the top and colourful, and fun, and exciting. It's like an epileptic fit in clothing. It's as if you open a pack of Neapolitan ice cream, expecting to know what it looks like, but instead of three stripes of flavour, it's mixed into a psychedelic swirl... Or a charming quilted rug...

And I think the reason WHY I love it 'oh so much' is that even though I have quite a few individual items similar to individual pieces in this collection, I'd never think of wearing them like this. A Norwegian jumper with leopard and zebra prints? ABSURD! Two different acid shades of leopard print? PREPOSTEROUS! And yet... 

And yet I cannot help looking and staring and coveting this collection. I want it on my body. On. My. Body.

So, Kaylene, I'm setting us a challenge. Let us compete for the most Ashish-ish outfit. We have 48 hours to upload a photo. Loser buys first coffee next shopping trip...

Lovely love love,

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  1. haah this is soo outrageous!

    -Fashion on Edge