Friday, March 20, 2009

Got My Eyes On You, Lennon

After my recent visit to Woodstock, I've been fairly in love with these fab sunnies:
Look at how much fun I'm having! They feel so silly, so ostentatious! I always enjoy wearing these little puppies. They complete any outfit. They are heaven in a pair of shades. Perhaps being a little naive, I felt I'd found a unique accessory, something a little different than the ubiquitous ray bans. 

But then I was put in my place.

12 minutes ago, now, I discovered this photo on

God damn, those twins are hip. Quick shout out to the Olsens: if you are ever looking for a third wheel, I'm ready. I've got the sunnies, I can rock a poncho, I love drinking coffee out of really big take away cups... Call me?


  1. Centine, you know I think you're quite a stunner, hey...I even asked you to model for me today...but the first photo is downright creepy. You look like you're about to eat a small child.