Sunday, March 29, 2009're so witty Centine! No...really. You are.

If the temperature hadn't been 30 degrees Celsius today, this challenge would have been much more bearable. 
This one is to prove that I actually do own a Fair Isle knit...the colour is just wrong for this purpose though....come to think of it...this purpose is wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG!
Fun with pom poms!
This is a vintage Bob Mackie silk coat from his "wearable art" range. I bought it on ebay about a year ago, and have never worn it (it's not the easiest piece to casually throw on with anything). But I knew at the time I had to have it, and now I know why.
This is the only leopard print I own, and it's a skirt...poor attempt.

I am fully aware that it looks like i am wearing naught but a pom-pom adorned hat, however I assure you that was not the case. 

So my conclusions after the Ashish Winter 2009 challenge: This look was fun for a while...and I love pom-poms, but i don't think it's a look I while be sporting any time soon. I do possess a sizable collection of pom-poms now, so I may put them to good use elsewhere. 


  1. Centine asks "where on earth did you get those shorts with the pom poms, and why haven't I seen them before now????"

  2.'s actually a black jumpsuit...I just temporarily attached the pom-poms onto them for the sake of this task. :) Should I make it a permanent attachment?

  3. For shiz! And if you could make me a pair too, I'll repay you in a secret awesome op shop find from the other day...

    Said Centine.

  4. I've actually thinking about making you a few birthday that denim dress you told me about. However, I'll need a few more details, or a bit more of a description of how you'd like the dress, other than the exposed orange zip. Or we could modify that idea. And i've been trying to work out a way to do permanent pleating, so I can rip off your alpha scarf, without taking it to a professional pleater. I'll get there. Say, do you have a particular pair of pants you would like pom-pompified?