Friday, March 6, 2009

Bobby Pins!

I'm on a break at the moment from my 12-hour shift of waitressing. Blergh. Thought I would escape into the wonderful world of hair accesories.

Deep, right??

I love this look from Carolina Herrera's '09 Fall show. I think it would be a great and cheap look to pilfer. All you need is lots and lots and lots of bobby pins. Lots.

Though my cravings for hair pieces has dragged me (inevitably) to the Mimco website. This is where I openly admit my addiction, my craving, my unconditional love for all things Mimco. Despite their occasionally questionable designs and rather outrageous price tags, I LOVE THEM!!!

Deco Fan

Kaleidoscope Clip

Snake Skinny Alice Band

Gaudi Prong

Hugs for Mimco!!! Look it up at NOW!!

Judging by the steak grease, sweat and hair spray currently holding my locks in place, I wont be needing bobby pins or prongs or clips at all today. But just you wait. Tomorrow is a new day...

Love love,
an optimistic Centine. 

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