Wednesday, February 25, 2009

R.I.P. - my beloved cape

I just realised the grey cape thing (which you can see featured in one of my previous posts) has vanished. I wore it to TAFE this morning, and it didn't come home with me.  This makes me very sad, as i loved wearing it with almost anything. On the bright side, it was basically a large circle with two small holes for arms which will be easy to replicate. But still, not the point!

What annoys me most is if I was still at the Conservatorium of music this wouldn't be a problem. The students would pick it up and be questioning the purpose of this large piece of grey material. But at Ultimo...aahhh...that's a different kettle of fish. Those young designers can spot a versatile garment a mile off with their eagle fashion eyes. 

Oh drapey cape, I hope you find your way back to me. Sigh...

-Kaylene :(

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