Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goot schmoot.

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I was so excited to see Josh Goot's new collection today...that was until I actually saw it. To me, the best feature in Goot's previous collections was his amazing dreamy prints. I guess I would have expected that to become his signature and for his prints to be recognisably his own, in the same way that a Pucci print is undeniably Pucci.
Goot retained his minimalist aesthetic in terms of the lines of garments, but there was just not enough substance to warrant any excitement. His theme was "geology", and if you're going to have something as boring as rocks as your theme, you really need to find a way to inject some life into it. 

It basically was a whole lot of this...yawn.
The only redeeming features of the entire collection were this top: 
..and this print featured towards the end of the collection, finally giving some respite from the endless amounts of black and neutrals:

Unfortunately for Goot, Graeme Black also had a geology themed collection, proving that such a subject can be a little more than a mind-numbing trip back to year 9 science class.
Graeme Black Fall 09

Love Kaylene

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  1. Hey love, thanks for the support!

    I agree with you on the Goot- but those last few peices were quite amazing. It would have been nice to see them a bit earlier and a bit more of them though!

    There was a whole lot of YAWN at London Fashion Week... Methinks recession is making people rather lazy!