Friday, February 20, 2009

Everyone! To the North Gong!

I'm about to head to the pub (I live in Wollongong. It's what you do after dark. We're Obsessive Compulsive in that respect...) And as I had a whopping two hours to get ready, as opposed to my usual allowance of 15 minutes, I decided to go all out with the clothes and the make-up and the beauty routine. Ahh, hours of leisure...

I found this dress when Kaylene and I went op-shopping yesterday. As it was way to big, I've belted it in with this fabulous kimono-style silk belt by Carla Zampatti.

And to "youth" it up a bit, I've messily pinned the sleeves up. 

And this is an antique Dutch coral choker. I love the gold locket detail, and it has the strangest latch in the world. Will have to show details later, when I finally find my way out of it again.

And just a quick edit on your post, Kay. Zima doesn't actually make the leather pieces, though he does commission them. The actual master craftsman is Logan, part-time artist and part-time Steakhouse chef.

But now I must dash! Time for a schooner of VB, if you know what I mean...

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