Friday, February 20, 2009

Re: Who Doesn't Love a Onesie?

It's no secret, we can be candid here: I was one of the people who sniggered at Kaylene's conviction that the jumpsuit was ever going to come into fashion. Unless it is one for sleeping, like this:

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Or, of course, for a baby. Always allowed on babies. In fact, compulsory on babies. This one being particularly worthy.
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I still don't really see the point. If a jumpsuit was simply two pieces that matched you could wear them together, or style them separately. 

However, in a moment of weakness, I must admit that I did buy and wear a jumpsuit. And I guess I still think it is a pretty cool piece. Though, every time I wear it, I still think "what's the point?" 
Answer me that, Kaylene, answer me that!

My own fashion prediction, or rather next fashion prediction, is one I have been campaigning for a while. It's only a matter of time. Soon everyone will be wanting librarian glasses on a string. I'm thinking:
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I'm thinking:

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I'm thinking it has to happen! 

I'm also thinking you should never google image search "librarian glasses", as there is a lot more naked pictures associated with that search than you might originally think...

(And yes, I am blogging after going to the pub. Why, you ask? Because drink driving is a crime. And I can't afford a taxi. Oh, the woes of being a uni student.)

Love love!

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