Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick Day

If I had my way, I'd be wearing this Libertine outfit. As well as being extraordinarily hip, it has a built-in cold remover, guaranteed to stop coughing and sneezing. Very valuable to me right now.

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How cute is this outfit! I love love love the short little jacket with the fingerless gloves. I've tried to wear something similar, but always end up looking like a hobo. If anyone knows the secret of how to pull off this look, please email me immediately.

However, the screen printing in this collection put me off a little, especially the prevalence of Elizabeth II images. After the Dolce and Gabbana  and the Alexander McQueen shows of last season, it feels a little dated. We have well and truly been there and done that.

Alexander Mcqueen and Dolce and Gabbana sourced from

The real shame of it is that Libertine appear to be simply following their own aesthetic. There is a wonderful continuity within their collections. When viewed outside the context of other fashion 'movers and shakers', Libertine is happily ambling along on their own little inspiration path, picking daisies and sipping tea from a pastel thermos.
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Case in point: modelled here by photographer Sigrid Rothe, the 2006 Libertine collection features images and inspiration from good old Queen Vic. So while the screen prints of the 2009 Fall collection still seem hackneyed to me, I do not think they have jumped upon some sort of "fashion-house bandwagon" in honouring the monarchs of past and present.

I, too, find the Royal family extremely charming (especially when Bess's adorable umbrella matches her skirt suit! Aww!) but where has this love affair with England's monarchy come from? Maybe it's an Australian thing - with our so-called disrespect for authority cliché thing bla bla bla - but none of our political, or even cultural, leaders are honoured in our fashion. What do you say, Kaylene, shall we have a challenge to pay homage through clothing to an Australian politician of your choice?

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Though that might have to wait a week or so. Unfortunately, even after this whole rant, I currently look more like this:

Love love,

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