Thursday, February 19, 2009

Malaria Versus the Gap in your Memory

Last night I woke up from this epically amazing dream with this sentence stuck in my head: "Malaria versus the Gap in your Memory". And my dream brain represented these two, you know, "opposing forces" as brown squiggles of coloured pencil with post-it notes for mouths. I know, right? Scary!

There is a reason I'm telling you about my dreams, promise. You see, as soon as I saw the Sonia Rykiel portrait dress on Kaylene's post, I couldn't stop thinking about two rather abstract thoughts, namely "malaria" and "the gap in your memory". It took me a good hour to realise why. (Dramatic Pause). It is because the hair on the dress is the EXACT same colour of brown as the squiggles. 

Sourced from

So then, of course, I went on a fun cognitive journey this morning of how dreams and life and experience and all that new-age hoo-ha can effect your inspiration. For example, did you know that the black backless dress which closed the Chanel 2007 Fall collection was inspired by a dream Karl Lagerfeld had? And it is amazing! So the way I see it is you cannot be at all picky of where your inspiration comes from. Self-censorship is an ugly word and practice. So, Kaylene my dear, I think that if you are inspired by yourself, than you have found an amazing and rather affordable source. A whole lot cheaper than travelling. 

By the way, my name is Centine. This is me, drinking beer. I study Communications and Media Studies and Creative Writing. Kaylene and I will be conducting a "Fashion Dialogue" in this space, purely for your pleasure. 

But, Kaylene, I have a question now. I am about to meet some friends for a round of golf. On two previous occasions have I exhausted my supply of argyle. Is it appropriate to wear the same item of clothing to the same event with the same people if the item in question serves a specific purpose?


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