Thursday, May 14, 2009

Youtube DJ

There I was, happily working away on my emails when I realised I needed some "sweet" tunes. Nothing like a bit of boppy hyper-colour music to ease you through your paper work.

Thing is, my music collection is starting to get a bit dated, due to a certain tightness of funds. This is where youtube really shines*. Brilliant unlimited collection of music to DJ the night away.

At the moment I am obsessed with Passion Pit, Metric and Robyn (aka the most killingest popstar on the planet). So imagine my surprise when I watched THIS film clip.

Did you see it? Did you see the dress?
Jeremy Scott, 2007

Ooooo yeah! Love that Jukebox dress! If I had this dress I would wear it EVERYWHERE. I'm talking job interviews, I'm talking the movies, I'm talking family functions. Not only is it extremely amusing, it's also totally hawt. That giant collar is awesome fun. 

Groan! I want that dress!!

But here are some more reasons why I love Robyn:

I highly recommend looking at her website. It's brilliant. It's a shining beacon of brilliance. It pretty much makes life worth living.

Love Centine.

* youtube is also awesomely shiny in that amusing clips of pandas sneezing or weird animals doing cute things never cease to amuse me.


  1. Youtube is brilliant on so many levels!!! I have heard of Robyn but never really looked her up, maybe I shall....

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  3. robyn is amazing. and those photos are brilliant

    love your blog! following :)