Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Help I'm Alive/ My Heart Keeps Beating Like a Hammer

Aaaaand I'm back! Centurian was a blast, and a lot more fashionable than I anticipated. 
"This way to the fashion, citizens!"

This is my new hair colour. Though sometimes it looks more red. It's mood hair, displaying my inner emotions like a billboard. This shade means drunk. This is around the 42 minute mark, I'd say.
And this is my designer shot glass, which mischievously led me into this state. I found this tiny little jug/shot glass in an opshop about a month ago. Num num num.

It wasn't long before I traded Cory's hat:

For my John Lennon glasses.

Complete with glasses chain. Nothing says "class" like a drunk Canadian wearing John Lennon glasses at night with a chain. 

Except, of course, for a drunk Australian "lady" wearing a cap.

It was an unexpected exploration of man accessories.

And all in all a BRILLIANT night!
Laughing hysterically with Jac and Ru

Cory, myself and Jac

Let's do it again some time, yeah? Though how about a liiiiiiittle bit of a break before we take on the Centaur again.
Love love,


  1. how about less drinking and more fashion?
    this is fashion dialogue yeah?

    this blog started off with some interesting stuff but has gone a bit downhill lately.

    maybe save the not that amusing tales of nights out drinking for myspazz or waste of space book.

    just a suggestion

    -a fan-

  2. I agree

    more about fashion please, this is becoming less interesting

    I think I prefer the posts by Kaylene

    Centine we aren't so interested in your drinking exploits with badly dressed friends. Also the hair shape post - what was that?

    fashion please

    *also a fan*

  3. You guys are completely missing the point of blogs. They aren't written to please people like you. They're for the writers to get things off their mind.

    It's your choice to read it. Blogs shouldn't be a place of judgement unless the writer requests it.

  4. Hi anonymous, Kaylene here. Thanks for your support.

    It's not all bad, we'll both keep blogging and saying what we want, but if we have our own personal blogs, we will be able to talk about anything we want, without it being expected to conform to the theme of the blog.

    Hope you will continue to read out solo blogs...(when I sort out a new address)