Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bowral Day Trip

Today, my folks and I decided to spontaneously disappear up into the Southern Highlands. Bowral is a fabulous place to dine in one of the amazing vineyards, and the Gum-nut bakery is absolutely amazing! Look at this lemon tart!
Om nom nom! It's tart-ilicious!

My Ma with a coffee and an empty plate. Gosh, I have to work on my reflexes.

The sparrows were pretty jealous of our yummy deserts...I really like sparrows. They're adorable. They can eat my crumbs any day.

This silly face is a result of successful tart eating. The pretty scarf is an Oilily I've borrowed from Mum.
Bowral tends to be a lot colder than the old gong. A prime time to break out my groovy denim sheepy jacket thing. Worn with vintage dress, gold Chuck Taylors and Leona Edminston tights. 

This is our cat, Gerrit. He's pretty much my brother. He's 11 years old, speaks Dutch and enjoys a good ''latte".

... Just reading the paper...



  1. Bahahaha.....just reading the paper. You silly silly girl.