Friday, May 8, 2009

Please allow me to introduce:

Some of my stylin' friends from tafe:
Cynthia is so inspiring. At least 99% of the clothes she wears are designed and made by herself.
This trench she made recently is so professional! She makes her own patterns and all.
You should check out Cynthia's blog to see some of her other amazing creations.

This is Anna and Max. I thought their outfits yesterday looked so fitting together - Anna had a bit of french school boy going on:
Whilst Max looked a bit like he could have come off the set of a Jean-Luc Godard film.

À bout de souffle - 1960
And they were both wearing Brogues!!! Too perfect.

Irma bought this gorgeous velour jacket on our way to a cup of tea after class. I think she'll be able to style it up in so many ways. It's very Chanel and very Irma.

And this is Carlie. I had to brighten the colours on the photo so you can see the amazing texture of her top, which is actually a skirt.

-Love from Kaylene

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