Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Introducing Fashion Buzzed

Hello old chaps!

For me this blog has always been foremost about what's going on in our lives, and secondly how this impacts on our fashion. However, after some rather cutting feedback, I have decided to break off on my own. 

My new blog will explore the style and clothing trends which effects myself and my friends. It will also be about my views of high fashion, literature, popular culture, politics, history, basically anything which catches my fancy.

If you would like to visit me at I'd love to have you.

This is Centine, signing out for the final time.


  1. and so the fashion dialogue becomes a monologue?

  2. cutting feedback breaks the dialogue. far out, must have been harsh.

    but sweetie wait til you hit the big bad world out's a rat race for sure. And with the interests you list, well, blogs got nothing on the critique of the real world.

    shame you guys are ending so soon.

    wishing you all good things